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Staffs Industrial Doors Service and Maintenance

Service Department

Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd strongly recommend that roller shutter doors are serviced on a regular basis to ensure safe economical operation. The operator should check on a regular basis that the door is working freely and that there is no obvious damage to the door. It is important to repair any damage immediately to ensure that the door is operating as safely as possible at all times. Use of the door when damaged will only cause further problems at a later stage. We would recommend that at least once a year our fully trained Engineers service the doors.

The Service Includes

  • Check all fixings and tighten where necessary
  • Check spring tension and adjust where necessary
  • Fully inspect all mechanical parts
  • Lubricate parts as necessary
  • Check motor fixings
  • Check gearbox
  • Check limits and adjust if necessary
  • Contact the Service Department on 01782 566 810 to arrange an appointment.


The following recommendations are made for maintenance and essential repair work so that the full use of the door throughout its economical working lifetime is obtained.

Maintenance frequency

  • To ensure safe and reliable operation, regular inspection and maintenance are essential.
  • The frequency of maintenance depends on the frequency of use.
  • All maintenance should be carried out by fully trained and competent door installation engineers. It is advisable to encourage personnel to report any damage or defects noticed during day to day usage.
  • Prompt repair actions will avoid any unnecessary over stressing of components and can greatly prolong the useful life of the door.

Guidelines for maintenance schedule

Cycles per day service schedule

  • Over 45 cycles per day every 2 months
  • Up to 45 cycles per day every 3 months
  • Up to 30 cycles per day every 4 months
  • Up to 15 cycles per day every 6 months

Three Reasons to Service Industrial Doors & Shutters

It is essential that a regular maintenance programme is in place – and adhered to – for all industrial doors.

Serious accidents and injuries caused by faulty doors are almost always the result of lack of maintenance. If an accident involving an industrial door or shutter takes place, the building manager or owner faces prosecution under the Health Safety at Work Act for failing to ensure the health, safety and welfare of his employees. This extends to visitors and even trespassers.

If the building is open to the public, then the building landlord and the employer are responsible under the Health Safety at Work Acts 1974 to ensure members of the public are not exposed to risks.

In an industrial or commercial workplace, the Workplace Regulations 1992 have specific requirements for the safety of doors and gates.

Fire doors are governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) and managers must self certify that all fire prevention equipment – including fire doors – have been correctly specified and are regularly maintained.

Staffs Industrial Doors Service Department

1. Servicing Industrial Doors is a legal requirement

PUWER (Provision of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998).

As an employer you must ensure that the work equipment you provide meets the following requirements:

  • Suitable for use for the purpose and conditions in which it is used.
  • Maintained in a safe condition so that people’s health & safety is not at risk.
  • Inspected by a competent person and a record kept until the next inspection.

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2. Servicing prolongs the life of the installation

Servicing prolongs the life of the installation and also ensures that it is kept in good working order.

3. Servicing helps prevent accidents

Ensuring the door is in a safe and efficient condition can help prevent accidents and damage which would result in downtime affecting workflow and creating loss of revenue.

Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Service & Maintenance

Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Service & Maintenance
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Service & Maintenance
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Service & Maintenance
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Service & Maintenance

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