Retractable Security Gates

Staffordshire Doors Commercial Standard Retractable Gate

Retractable Security Gates

Our Standard Retractable Gate system is a stylish solution for protecting windows and doors, offering security combined with through vision.

When protection is needed, our Standard Retractable Gate acts as a visible deterrent to would be intruders who, should they persist, will meet with an effective barrier to entry.  When not in use, our Standard Retractable Gates are unobtrusive and compact.  The sashes fold neatly to the side, out of sight behind curtains or vertical blinds, with the option  of fold away bottom tracks to leave openings unrestricted.

Reliable, quick and easy to use, maintenance free with multi point-locking and galvanised for corrosion resistance, our Standard Retractable Gate offers effective yet flexible security.

Secure Yet Unobtrusive

Allowing maximum natural light into commercial premises, retractable gates fold to the sides of the window reveal when not required and can be concealed neatly behind vertical blinds to create a secure but pleasant working environment.

Office premises, staff and equipment are safely protected by an exceptionally strong security barrier, manufactured from pre-galvanised rolled steel with multi point locking from a single key.

Offering security features which are particularly important on vulnerable ground floor windows and doors, our Standard Retractable Gate ensures excellent barrier security.  Whilst the top hung ultra-smooth carrier system and nylon coated steel bearings also ensure it is quick and easy to open and close.

Our Standard Retractable Gate is essentially maintenance free and available in a broad range of optional powder coated colours to compliment corporate styling.

Clear Benefits

Essentially maintenance free with a wide range of colour options and a choice of lattice styles, classic appearance and convenience combine with the high levels of protection.

  • Strong security barrier and deterrent
  • Galvanised for corrosion resistance and powder coated
  • Fully retractable system
  • Excellent through-vision and ventilation when locked
  • Multi-point locking (2 point) from a single key
  • Smooth running carrier system ensures quick and easy operation
  • Custom built for almost any opening
  • An unlimited width can be accommodated in sections
  • A floating sash version is available
  • A fixed frame is available when retraction of the gate is not required.

Exceptionally strong, yet unobtrusive and stylish, our Standard Retractable Gate will transform the way you protect your property.

Ideal for:

  • Retail premises
  • Fitting in front or behind glass
  • Offices
  • Commercial premises
  • Where a lower cost manual option is required

Retractable Commercial Security Gates

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Commercial Retractable Security Gates
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Commercial Retractable Security Gates
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Commercial Retractable Security Gates
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Commercial Retractable Security Gates

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