Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

Manufactures specification


The door panel provides the overall insulated sectional overhead door assembly with its main characteristics and therefore the following detailed information is provided to assist when the door performance needs to be explained.


The use of quality materials and precise manufacturing controls ensure long service life in normal industrial and commercial applications. all door panels conform to the building regulations requirements for industrial doors and the durability of finishes are those specified by our steel suppliers technical specifications department.

Outer and inner sheet

0.5mm hot dipped galvanised steel. both inner and outer sheets are supplied “v” grooved to provide increased lateral strength and the whole panel is made up to form a “t+g” joint top and bottom. reinforcing strips are fixed internally to ensure secure fixings for the roller carrier and hinges.


39mm thick rigid polyurethane foam, density 40kg/m3.


Low density compressible foam at panel base and pvc tape to panel nose , all factory applied.

thermal performance: sectional door panels provide high levels of insulation. the foam core between the inner and outer steel sheets of the door panel creates effective interruption of cold bridges, thus preventing transmission of heat or cold.

colours & finishes (outer skin)

Finished and coloured to match most contemporary building cladding. (inner skin) finished in ral 9010 white, polyester coated, stucco embossed galvanised steel as standard.

Thermal Bow

It should be noted that when a door is due to be positioned where there is likely to receive direct sunlight then dark colours should be avoided due to the potential of thermal bow.


The 40mm insulated door panel gives sound reduction of (rw) 25db.
please note:- this is for the panel only and does not include joints, i.e. a fully installed door.


  • Individually designed for each door
  • Fully galvanised
  • Bolted and riveted or spot welded
    options include:
    Standard lift, high lift, vertical lift and low headroom track configurations
  • All tracks supplied with 3m lengths of punched installation angle and side seals


  • Individually designed for each door
  • Highest grade springs to din 17223 sort c specification for longer life
  • Fully keyed shaft with adjustable coupler
  • Spring break device supplied as standard
  • Drums, end bearing plates, centre bearing plates, pvc spring fillers (152mm diameter springs only), plugs & winders, securing bolts


  • All components galvanised for weather protection
  • Doors supplied with adjustable side hinges, intermediate hinges, nylon rollers, cable sets, bottom corner brackets, spring bumpers, self tapping panel fixings


Manual doors can be push-up (up to 3000 x 3000) or chain hoist driven electric 3ph or 1 ph operators available complete with starter and torque bracket .

A range of safety systems available. cable break and spring break devices are supplied as standard.

Optional extras

  • A range of windows in various sizes can be incorporated in the panel, the standard being 600 x 300mm with radiused corners
    each panel fitted with pre-punched galvanised steel end caps and the top and bottom panels are finished with an aluminium retainer which holds the top and bottom epdm seals
  • A range of locking options are available
  • Wicket doors are available 800 x 1800mm approx. 150mm above floor level, supplied complete with cylinder type locking
    staffs industrial doors ltd reserve the right to make changes without notification

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Industrial Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Industrial Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Industrial Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors
Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd Industrial Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

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