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Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd CE Marking Certification

CE Marking

What is CE certification and why is it important

In compliance with EU standards, CE certification is required by regulatory authorities for all roller shutters and steel doors as of July 1, 2013.

When industrial doors have CE marking, it is an indication that the manufacturer of the door is taking responsibility or ensuring that the doors measure up to the Declaration of Performance. Therefore, if you are buying an industrial door for your business premises, it is important the manufacturer is compliant with the CE marking rules. It is a sign of high quality that all business premises need. Staffs Industrial Doors offer a whole range of industrial doors that are CE Marking compliant. With Staffs Industrial Doors, you can rest assured knowing that the safety of your workers and property will never be compromised.

When making a purchase from us, our customers will get doors, irrespective of the type you choose, that are efficient and secure. All our industrial doors have been put through stringent quality and safety tests, so that you get the best standard industrial doors for your business. With our wealth of experience in supplying and installing CE marked doors, we make it extremely easy and convenient for you.

Our industrial doors offer great value for money and provide the security and efficiency you are seeking. If you need quality industrial doors for your business that conform to recent CE marking rules, look no further than a Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd system.

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